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Yoast SEO update 14.0 levert snellere laadtijden WPLounge.
Google PageSpeed Insights. Chrome / Firefoxs network information. PageSpeed Insights test. Voordat we updaten naar Yoast SEO 14.0, hebben we eerst de website snelheid getest met PageSpeed Insights. Onze testwebsite cliponzonnebril.nl kwam tot een score van 45 voor de mobiele versie, en 98 voor de desktop versie. PageSpeed snelheidsscore vóór de update. PageSpeed snelheidsscore na de update. De snelheidsscore voor de mobiele versie is nu 61, dit betekend snelheidswinst van ruim 35%! De snelheidsscore van de desktop versie staat nog steeds op 98, daar was dan ook weinig snelheidswinst meer te behalen. Wanneer elke milliseconde het verschil kan maken tussen een bezoeker die koopt of weggaat, is er altijd meer ruimte voor prestatieoptimalisatie. Heb je een goede aanbeveling om WordPress te versnellen? Laat het ons weten in de comments hieronder! Plugins SEO Yoast. Beoordeel dit artikel. Roger is eigenaar van de website WPLounge en van zoekmachine marketing bureau Kliq Internet. Meer van deze auteur. Eenvoudig producten verkopen met de Instant Design Tool voor WooCommerce. Online les geven met WordPress.
Focus trefwoord in WordPress SEO by Yoast Webtalis.
Focus trefwoord in WordPress SEO by Yoast. Maikel van de Weerd Laatst bijgewerkt op 3 april 2016 24 comments. In de WordPress SEO plugin van Yoast kun je een focus trefwoord focus keyword invullen. In oudere versies van deze plugin werd dit focus zoekterm genoemd. Je kunt de focus trefwoord invullen in de SEO box onder al je berichten en paginas in de editor. Wanneer je hier een trefwoord invult kun je bekijken hoe vaak en in welke onderdelen van het artikel je het trefwoord gebruikt. Daarnaast kun je ook nog op het tabblad Pagina analyse klikken voor tips om je artikel te optimaliseren voor Google en andere zoekmachines.
How To Install Setup Yoast SEO The Recommended Settings.
This is the image that will be displayed when someone shares a link. You can always override this setting from the Post/Page Editors Yoast SEO Meta box. The Facebook Insights and Admins section of this tab is for advanced users and I recommend you to skip it for now. Twitter displays links as cards when they are shared on the platform. This tab allows you to configure the default settings for Twitter card meta data. I recommend that you keep this enabled. The second option in this tab is the default card type. If you want Twitter to display a featured image in your links card, then choose Summary with a large image. This tab helps you confirm your site with Pinterest. To confirm your site with Pinterest, follow this tutorial on Pinterest and then enter the confirmation code in the field in this tab.
How to remove Yoast SEO from database in WordPress? QuadLayers.
How to remove Yoast SEO from the Database with a Plugin. If you dont want to code anything, you can use a dedicated plugin that removes all the Yoast entries and thus completely removes Yoast SEO from the database. This plugin is called Uninstall Yoast SEO and its extremely easy to use.
How to Use Yoast SEO to Bolster Search Engine Rankings WPExplorer.
To make the most of this strategy, you can also use long tail keywords. These are specific phrases that offer low competition in search engines meaning that the right choice could net you serious amounts of traffic. For example, backup WordPress is not very specific, and youll find dozens of sites using that same keyword. In contrast, backup WordPress with UpdraftPlus has less competition, meaning youll see more traffic from your target audience. To set a focus keyword in Yoast SEO, youll need to first navigate to your desired post, then scroll down to the Yoast SEO meta box.: From here, simply enter your keyword into the Focus Keyword field. Youll see a number of lights activate, indicating you can now optimize your content further. Also, dont forget to add your keyword to the posts permalink. Include a Meta Description to Describe Your Post.
3 Best WordPress SEO Plugins Compared Yoast vs. All in One vs.
After Yoast, All in One SEO is the second most popular WordPress SEO plugin. Its official active installs number is actually higher than Yoasts, though its not nearly as talked about. Im still running All in One SEO on one of my older sites and I greatly appreciate its slim, bloat-free interface. Theres a lot to like about All in One SEO. XML Sitemap support. Easy Google Analytics integration. Support for custom post types. Canonical URL support. Free WooCommerce integration most plugins make this a premium feature. Automatic or manual meta information. Another thing I like is that it doesnt enable every feature by default. You can go in and turn on or off modules so that you only use resources on the features you care about. If you go pro, youll get.: SEO options for taxonomies shame this isnt in the free version. A video SEO module.
How To Optimize a Blog Post Using Wordpress and Yoast.
Step 5: Specify Your Post Title. Step 6: Specify Your Post Permalink. Step 7: Incorporate Keywords Into Post Body Text. Step 8: Create a Post Meta Description. 8.1 Use Your Focus Keyword Phrase. 8.2: Be Short and Convincing. 8.3 Dont Use Quotes. 8.4 Populate the Meta Description Field in Yoast. Step 9: Add and Optimize Images. 9.1: Select Images. 9.2: Populate Alt Tags. 9.3: Link to Image. 9.4: Create A Caption Optional. Step 10: Categorize and Tag Post. 10.1: Pick Post Categories and Tags. 10.2: Enter Post Blog Categories and Tags. 10.3: Set Canonical Tag. 10.4: Set Social Tags. 10.5: Noindex Thin Content. 10.6: Set Featured Image. Step 11: Specify The Post Author. Step 12: Final Checkpoints and a Caveat. 12.1: Final Checkpoints. 12.2: A Caveat. This post was last updated on 09/07/2020. Snapshots of the Yoast plugin are from 2017 and may not look exactly like what youll see today but are close enough to get across the points being made. This article is a detailed guide for how to optimize a blog post using WordPress and Yoast, the popular WordPress SEO plugin by Joost de Valk and his team.
How to Make Yoast SEO Multilingual with TranslatePress.
By default, Yoast SEO will use the SEO title and meta description to control how your content looks when someone shares it on Facebook or Twitter. If you want to manually edit your Facebook and Twitter information, you can go to the Social tab of the Yoast SEO meta box.:

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